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Pack Hacks

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Wild4Dogs Pack Hack #5

Wild4Dogs Pack Hack #5 - Stop digging around! If the April showers brought on those May flowers, then the last thing you want is your dog digging around where he's not supposed to--like in those pretty flowers.  The solution orange peels. The majority of dogs dislike...

Wild4Dogs Pack Hack #4

Wild4Dogs Pack Hack #4 - April Showers Bring Muddy Paws! Now that rainy season is upon us, we find our dogs tracking in mud and dirt and leaving their paw prints all over the house!  Our solution? We place mats inside and outside of the door the dogs use—the mats tend...

Wild4Dogs Pack Hack #3

Wild4Dogs Pack Hack #3 - Don’t get all sappy on me! Ever wonder how to get sap out of Fido’s hair? Try using cooking oil, peanut butter or olive oil! Work the oil into the area where the sap is with your fingers for a few minutes--this will loosen the sap. Then using...

Wild4Dogs Pack Hack #2

Wild4Dogs Pack Hack #2 - Foiled Again!Having trouble keeping your dog off the couch? Try tin foil!  Most dogs dislike the feel, reflective surface, and annoying sound of the shiny stuff!   Tear off large sheets of foil--enough to cover the surface your dog likes to...

Wild4Dogs Pack Hack #1

Wild4Dogs Pack Hack #1: Having trouble cleaning the dog hair off your couch or low pile carpet? Try rubber kitchen gloves--the dog fur sticks to them and will come off those surfaces easy peasy. And, when finished, just submerge the gloves in water and the fur floats...


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