Wild4Dogs Pack Hack #2 – Foiled Again!

Having trouble keeping your dog off the couch? Try tin foil!  Most dogs dislike the feel, reflective surface, and annoying sound of the shiny stuff!   Tear off large sheets of foil–enough to cover the surface your dog likes to lie on.  Your dog will be annoyed that the foil is in their area and stay off!  We’ve tried this with our very own Bandit–5 years old and he thinks he rules the sofa whenever we leave the house.  As of today we have reached 2 months and  2 weeks of Bandit staying off the couch!  It’s a cheap and easy solution.   No more cleaning up the dog hair!   Just don’t forget to pull the tinfoild aside when you want to sit down!  

Have a dog hack to share of your own? Let us know in the comments and we will share it with the pack!