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Wild4Dogs Pack Hack #6 – A Sticky Situation!

Found gum in Fido’s hair? Here’s our quick tip on how to get out of this sticky situation!  Try peanut butter and vegetable oils.

(We just used this hack with Dusti, our Australian Kelpie rescue, a few days ago–it worked great!)

Peanut butter contains a lot of peanut oil, and peanut oil dissolves chewing gum. (Vegetable, olive oils and mayonnaise also work well). Massage a liberal amount of peanut butter into the area of fur where the chewing gum is stuck until the gum loosens. Then WAIT—at least a few minutes to allow the oils to work. Soon you should be able to work out the gum. After the gum is gone, use warm water with your favorite dog shampoo (our pick is Bath TIme!) to wash the fur and remove the peanut butter.
If all else fails, you might have to gently cut away some of Fido’s hair. Use ice to remove the stickiness then gently clip Fido’s hair.  

This hack also works on sap–check it out!

Have a dog hack to share of your own? Let us know in the comments and we will share it with the pack!